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“Friends” is a small but effective English provider to a local community set on improving the life opportunities of the next generation. The school is based in the friendly, peaceful and interesting town of Akademgorodok.

Ever wanted to live in a town built by Scientists within a immensely lush Siberian forest?

Ever wanted to experience the slight tilt of the great Earth in both extreme winter and summer?

Ever wanted to give children and young people a skill that will help them embrace the wider world and enhance their futures?

Then 'Friends' can offer you that opportunity. We are looking for a teacher to work with our intermediate level students in small groups. As 'Friends' is a extra-curriculum activity for the students and not a state school, you have the freedom to teach how you wish. Our only hope is that our students will be guided through the English language in an in depth and thought provoking manner; in a style that only a native speaker can produce.

English Speaking Club “Friends” invites native English teachers to Novosibirsk -the third largest city in Russia and the capital of Siberia.

Our club is located in Akademgorodok (Academytown) the most scenic forested suburb of Novosibirsk, which is also called the Silicon Valley of Siberia, one of the largest scientific and educational centers of Russia. On its territory there are more than 40 research institutes of physical and mathematical, chemical, biological, humanitarian profiles, as well as one of the best classical universities of Russia - Novosibirsk State University (NSU). The main part of the fifty thousandth population consists of researchers. In addition, there is a university campus where about five thousand students live.

In Akademgorodok natural environment was maximally preserved. It became a symbol of life in harmony with nature and the environment and the windows of residential apartments overlooking the real pine forest.

The Central Siberian Botanical Garden is located in Academgorodok. In winter, you can go skiing in the forest. A 20-minute walk from Akademgorodok is the Novosibirsk reservoir (Ob Sea), a favorite recreation place for residents.

In our English Speaking Club “Friends” we provide English courses for kids and adults with a focus on speaking and listening skills.

Our goal is to ensure that our students practice their spoken English as much as possible during their lessons.

Our classes are limited to 6 students it means  that each student gets the optimal amount of attention from teachers. We try to create a warm, friendly atmosphere where teachers and students feel comfortable during English lessons.